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 Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage

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PostSubject: Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage   Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage EmptyTue Jun 08, 2010 10:16 pm

To watch all pictures, with many not published here, a great Video, and the complete reportage: http://www.danireef.com/2010/06/07/interzoo-2010-nurnberg-elos-news

Also this year I will begin my description of Interzoo 2010 at Nuremberg starting from Elos, as was done for the last Interzoo 2008, this is due to a long time past into the Italian stand, both for the many new features, as always Elos is usual to disclose them during this very important International Fair.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9697

This year’s Elos wanted to surprise us with a space stand, lit with many new solutions led, and that gave a characteristic blue light to the whole complex. Under the “passage” there were two beautiful tanks, one fresh water and one marina, as well as skimmers and calcium reactors as a corollary. Outside instead are placed two rows of tanks on the right the new fantastic Elos Midi, and to the left the SystemMini with a juicy news represented in the new Paludarium. All around the many novelties.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9685

Coming from 4A Hall, you can see the Elos stand with in the foreground the new beautiful Elos Midi. The presentation in 2008 of the new concept of Mini Reef all in one, the SystemMini, had opened a road and left a vacuum to be filled, an aquarium largest than SystemMini yet smaller and less demanding than System70.

So Interzoo 2010 Elos has presented the new Elos Midi, in which the style is up to his maximum level, as usual into Elos creations.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9725

The new tank has dimensions about 57×50x48.5h cm and the cabinet is 87 cm high, for about 135 liters sump excluded, depending on the outfit you can have with sump100 and NS100 skimmer, already seen in SystemMini, or with Sump400 and the skimmer and NS500, certainly much more appropriate solution to those who want to used to host hard corals, mainly sps.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9724

Alongside the development of Elos Mini was also presented a new line of Led lighting, the E-liteXP specifically designated for theElos Midi, and capable of 3650 lumens, up to the E-stripe Led bar present in two lengths and you can see it in the picture above into the new Aquatop, cover glass aquarium that also includes light, whether the new E-stripe or the already-known E-lite.

From left the Elos Midi with Aquatop and E-stripe, then with E-lite and E-spotXL and finally with the new E-liteXP.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9753

But the most incredible thing for me is the final price to the public, which will amount not much more than SystemMini.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9702

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9881

Over here we see the two beautiful tanks on display under the “passage“.

From Elos Midi we have to speak about the new Led lighting, leit motive throughout the whole Interzoo.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9736

The new E-liteXP that will be provided with new basic Elos Midi has 18 leds, 12 white and 6 blue, black or silver, with a light output equal to 3,650 lumens for a consumption of 67 watts (72VA).

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9737

Not to forget their users, Elos has developed a very interesting add-on , the E-spotXL that is grafted onto an existing E-lite adding 6 leds, all of them white or blue, with 1,100 lumens and 19 watts consumer (22VA).

As you can see in the picture below there is also the possibility to order a simple E-spot with 3 leds and 550 lumens total.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9886

And from the E-spot we have to pass to the latest led bars, the E-stripe, present in two variations, with 9 leds, 1735 lumens, 53 cm and 21 watts and with 15 leds, 2880 lumens, 88 cm and 34 watts. The first bar to take the place of blue neon lights from 39 watts and the second to take the place of neon 54 cm. The friend Zanna Bianca has brought home a bar from Interzoo, I will tell you how functioning in its new tank :-) The same bar E-stripe can fit in the new beautiful Aquatop cover, designed to cover aquaria that length of 60 and 120 cm. The solution is, in my opinion very elegant and functional … if I were not fallen in “love” of hard corals SPS would say that I would already ordered one!

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9740

Aquatop cover was present at the fair into the Elos Midi, as we have seen above, and into the large fresh aquarium as we see below.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9892

On the opposite side of the stand it was possible to see the SystemMini and, as stated before, the spectacular new Paludarium.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9691

Pictured in the foreground into a SystemMini tank we see the new products that we discuss later, then two SystemMini traditional, one fresh water and one Marine, and then the new spectacular Paludarium with bonsai.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9916

You have to think that for placing an order of Paludarium, they needs about two months to prepare it, especially because the aquarium should be built around a new Bonsai.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9913

During the Fair Elos also said not to use more the Eheim pumps, but to use the italian Sicce pumps, due the development of the italian brand, and the results they achieved in terms of efficient and consumption. I’d noticed this too, as you can also check looking to my spreadsheet on choosing the correct return pumps that you find here: return pumps: Calculation of flow and in fact I just changed my old and trusty Eheim Compact Plus 2000 with a new Sicce as you can read here: A new return pump: Sicce Silent Syncra 2.5.

But the news on technical parts do not end here. As pointed out by the owner Dr. Nicola Gandini, the Elos has developed a new type of skimmers, while considering the very valid technology TopDownInjection, were presented NeedleWheelInjection, new skimmer with needle wheel, because strongly required by the public, and of course equipped with new Sicce pumps.

At Nuremberg were unveiled the new PS1000 and PS2000, they will be sold for the same price of equivalent versions of NS, and that may be requested as a replacement of the NS in every aquariums System.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9687

On the left the largest PS2000 while on the right the PS1000.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9733

Elos has developed and presented to the public a new osmocontroller, Digital OsmoController, a new digital osmocontroller acting without the need for a float.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9878

But the news is not over yet!

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9695

Into the first SystemMini shown, there are indeed new test kits of the new ExpertLine, and related additives. At Interzoo, it was presented the new Potassium test kit which has a measuring range from 0 to 400ppm, and that of Phosphate, which complements the standard test kits already on sale, with a measuring range between 0.008 and 0.14 ppm. For potassium was also presented a suitable supplement. Soon it will also introduced new test kits with higher resolution, probably the nitrate one.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage Range01

On the same SystemMini there is a new lamp, the Elos E-Luxe will soon be marketed, the lamp is built around the heart of HQi lamp, probably in three versions from 70 to 150 and to 250w, and it uses two E-stripe mounted transversely which reflect its light blue on the tank. It will be a version where the users will be pay less for an Elos Quality, without buying the wonderful E-Power with Manta or the Planet.

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage Eluxe01

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9900

I think I’ve exhausted all the technical news coming out from Interzoo 2010, but surely remain the human qualities of people who are behind the Elos Brand

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage DSD_9949

Thank you all my readers, and goodbye to Interzoo 2012!

If you want you can also download the new Elos catalog 2010 by clicking on the image

Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage Catalog_new

To watch all pictures, with many not published here, a great Video, and the complete reportage: http://www.danireef.com/2010/06/07/interzoo-2010-nurnberg-elos-news

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Interzoo 2010: Elos Reportage
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