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 A peak at the E-spot XL

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A peak at the E-spot XL Empty
PostSubject: A peak at the E-spot XL   A peak at the E-spot XL EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 9:58 am

I just received a small fedex package with some of the new/smaller LED items. One of those new items is the E-spot XL designed to work as a way to supplement (either royal blue or white) additional light for the e-lite. The kit retails for $369.99 and it includes the E-spot XL with bracket to install on your existing E-Lite, the power supply and a cable that will allow you to power both the e-lite and the e-spot together, provided your e-lite is has the new xlr connector ( some of the older model e-lite had the rca style connector). I suspect many will use the E-spot and the E-lite on different timers and in this case you would not use the included cable. There is also a warranty card and a small hex screw that is included to install the E-Spot XL.

A peak at the E-spot XL 1_th
(Power supply not shown in this picture but it is included)

The E-spot XL comes in either 6-white CREE XP LEDs or 6-CREE XP series royal blue LEDS.

The E-spot XL will not work with the large E-lite XP, only the E-lite 80/100.

The installation of the E-spot XL is straightforward with only two stainless hex screws required to install on the E-lite. There is a small groove in the stainless bracket on the E-lite and the E-spot XL, making it easy to route the cords away from the fixture.

A peak at the E-spot XL 4_th
Cords are easily routed away from the fixture if installed properly.

The version I received was the "abyss blue" version or the version with 6 royal blue LEDs. The pictures below are taken installed on the e-lite 100 (marine version). I did my best to adjust these pictures (either to reduce glare or keep the colors as balanced as possible) but it is very difficult with the combination of how bright these LEDs are, my lack of photography skills and the color temperature, so do not purchase solely based on these pictures.

This shows the pattern of the LEDs and the power of the CREE XP LEDs is not well represented here as I heavily adjusted the photo to reduce the glare.

Shown with only the E-Spot XL on. I suspect many will use the E-spot XL on a separate timer having them come on in the morning and the evening without the E-lite powered on, as shown here.

The unique look of the E-Spot XL with stainless construction and the small aluminum LEDs. Each LED Spot is not adjustable in position. Sorry for the fingerprints.

Shown from the top with only the E-spot XL powered on. The clear lenses on each Spot allow for a good amount of diffused light to escape the sides and provide a nice effect.

Each individual clear lens is removable for cleaning.

A close look from the side and top showing the contrast between the stainless E-spot XL and the aluminum E-Lite.

Finally both the E-spot XL and the E-Lite on.

I hope this helps with some of the questions about the E-Spot XL. We will be adding this item to the lighting section of the store shortly and it will also be available to order through Elos dealers who carry our lighting equipment. If you are interested in this item please call or email through the website and I will respond with details on availability and answer any other questions that you may have. Thanks.

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A peak at the E-spot XL
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