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 Mid-August product updates

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PostSubject: Mid-August product updates   Mid-August product updates EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 10:01 am

A little August update. First I wanted to thank everyone for being patient with the new products coming into the US and being updated to the Elos USA site. What often gets lost in all the excitement of Interzoo and new product introduction, is the tremendous effort that goes into getting these products to market. What is wonderful about Elos, is the way in which our products are conceived and manufactured but the downside is they do take a little longer to be fully realized to Elos standards.

As for the website. We are working at adding the new products to the store. As you will notice, as you go through the store side, we have begun to add the areas to purchase the new products, many without pictures and descriptions. As we receive these items, we will be adding pictures and descriptions as fast as we can. To keep the look of the site as we prefer, many times we need to take pictures outside of the pictures that we have from the trade shows, catalogs, etc. If at any time you have questions please use the contact page and we can certainly help with pictures or more in depth descriptions of any of our products. We have also added an 800 number, 1-877-373-0105, if you prefer to speak to us.

Now onto some August updates. In talking with many of you this week and last, we have this new shipment of products and another due in at the end of the month. As these are shipped out, please send in any pictures that you take to web@elosusa.com, and we may use them for this blog area, or new areas within this site. If we do use them, make sure to include your email and I will be sure to offer you a little gift for the trouble.

In this first shipment for August we received a few MIDIs that are all sold but I also had a shipment that left Italy, via ocean, that will be available at the end of the month. As I discussed in the mid-july updates, there will be a limited amount of authorized Elos online dealers that will make these units available. If you have an authorized local Elos Retailer you can also purchase/pre-order the Elos MIDI with or without the different lighting options.

For the authorized Elos online dealers you will need to contact:

The above 3 online dealers will offer the Elos MIDI with or without the E-lite XP. The MIDI without light will ONLY be available online through these online dealers. To purchase a MIDI with the E-Lite XP you can use the above online dealers, your local Elos retailer or purchase online at ElosUSA.com. ElosUSA.com will not offer the MIDI without the light as the 3 authorized online dealers and your local Elos dealer. The MIDI without light will retail for $1599.99. The MIDI with E-Lite XP will be sold at $2499.99 and the MIDI with AquaTop E-Stripe 60 (2- E-Stripes included) will be sold at $2499.99. The MIDI with AquaTop at $2499.99 is a limited promotion from Italy, and this price will go to $2999.99 after September.

The cabinet options are as follows:

The MIDI cabinet is all new and now has a matte bright white cabinet. The door color options are: gloss black laminate, gloss bright white, gloss wenge and matte silver.

Here are a few pictures of the cabinets shown at Interzoo:

Mid-August product updates Aquarium2-thumb
You can also visit DaniReef.com for more pictures/information. Danilo does a fantastic job with updating his blog and there is a lot of useful information about Elos.

We also have added the osmocontroller digital to the site (minus pictures and description). You can see some pictures of this on the previous blog entry. We have a limited supply of these. Elos dealers will have these in stock next week.

Now for some new stuff. Here are a couple of pictures of the new AquaTop 120 -E-Stripe using a suspension kit to connect 2 AquaTops, perfect for the wider 120XL system, as well as other wide aquariums. As you can see from the picture, you can add up to 8 E-stripes in either the 10k or the 20k color temp. This will be available for the middle of september.

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Mid-August product updates
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