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 Interzoo 2008, Nürnberg, pics & products

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PostSubject: Interzoo 2008, Nürnberg, pics & products   Sat May 31, 2008 5:00 pm

Interzoo 2008: Nurnberg

I begin my Interzoo with description of Elos stand and Elos products, where I spent a lot of my time, and where I’ve improved my knowledge of their equipments. The 2008 news were many and amazing… let’s go!

One of the most amazing products was, without doubt, the new MiniReef, amazing, wonderful, with new E-Lite lamp, as natural add-on of this incredible object. The style wins… as always for Elos.

MiniReef has the following measures: 43×43x40 cm and furniture is 87 cm high. The front glass is extra clear in normal version, but in “de luxe” version you have all extra clear glasses.

With it you buy new sump 100, with new skimmer NS100 and E-Lite lamp. You have also 2 Eheim compact 1000 pumps.

As natural I show you the spare parts of MiniReef, as they’re presented stand alone too:.

The sump 100M with dimensions 36×30x40 cm and 11 litres of reservoir with skimmer Natural Skimmer NS1000.

As said, the pump with this skimmer (but also with this sump), is the Eheim compact 1000, skimmer dimensions are 10×10x47h with diameter of 80 mm. Elos give it for 24-40 gallons. As always is a top downdirect injection.

The E-Lite led lamp have 18 leds, that at moment have the power of 80 lumen for watt, but we wait for 100 lumen for watt for the end of the year. It have active ventilation system, so in front of water is cold, and over is hot.

Some shoots here:

After the MiniReef I like new circular reflector lamps, Elos E-Power, sure for style but also for the power they promise us.

I was been a particularly lucky man :-) because I have had the opportunity to measure lumen between this reflector with 150 watts HQi and one lumenarc with 400 watts HQi… I didn’t believe to measurements, 150 watts HQi had almost the same lumen of 400 watts HQi, and more at the edge! I don’t know how this measure is important for our corals… but sure, the E-Power is a great reflector!

These reflectors are presented with 150 watts HQi and also with 250 watts HQi. Everyone has external ballast, and you can use instead of lumenarcs, but with more appeals :-)

Another great news was the presentation of multi-parameter colorimeter, that you can buy as stand-alone version and biotopus II add-on. Here you see the stand-alone version. :-)

With this colorimeter you can measure nitrates, phosphates, nitrites, pH and ammonium. Actually only nitrates and phosphates are validated, all the others will validate during this year.

The measure technique is brilliant and simple at the same time (is it so clear that I like it?), you have to measure the “color” of the water and put it as “zero” of the system, than you have to add reagent(s) that you find on Elos test kits as normal protocol to do test, and after that, you put vial inside colorimeter. The colorimeter, in a very short amount of time, give us only one number, water absorption, that we put in the following chart, so we have the correct values. The force of this equipment is the multi-parameter options and that every test kits will be sold with his right chart, so we’ll have always the right calibration. :-)

Elos has said that we’ll have all charts of pH, nitrites and ammonium before the end of the year.

For Biotopus II we have had other news

As said we have had colorimeter module, that in picture you can see at the right of Biotopus, and it consists only in colorimeter without electronic control, as you can use your Biotopus. Then we have seen the new density probe and new rescue module (to help us on lack of electrical energy).

The test kits are also improved, Ca, Mg and Kh Tesk kits have now high resolution

For calcium test kits we have now 10ppm of resolution, when we had 25 ppm, for KH we have now 0,5 dKH opposite to old 1 dKH, and magnesium has now 50 ppm instead of 100 ppm.

Moreover Elos has presented us 3 new skimmers, the NS 100 (just seen before), the NS 2000 and the NS 8000.

The new skimmers are different for white finishes instead of black. The NS 2000, that you see on picture, use the same pump of NS 1000, the Eheim 1260 with normal impeller, and works as usual as top down direct injection, right for 260-530 gallons tank. The body has the following measures 201×17x55,5 cm with outside cylinder of 15 cm and inner one of 12 cm. Elos ha changed also the drainage with new type, so you can have more air in the entrance, for every his skimmers.

Over here you can see the new NS 8000, it can works until 4 Eheim 1260, always Top-Down direct injection, right for 1050-2100 gallons tank. Dimensions are 25×21x85h cm and diameters 20 and 18 cm.

Here you can see new drainage system:

Elos has presented one new calcium reactor, the REA 200, suitable for 1050 gallons tank.

Calcium reactors and skimmers together:

Moreover one new osmocontroller with smaller central unit, and new dimension for tank… now we had 70×57x50h, 120×57x50h and 160×57x60h instead of old 50 cm.

You can see all my pictures here, expecially related to MiniReef, new E-Lite and E-Power: http://www.danireef.com/2008/05/31/2008-interzoo-norimberga-elos-news/#eelos

Filipe... what do you think????

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PostSubject: Re: Interzoo 2008, Nürnberg, pics & products   Sat May 31, 2008 9:56 pm

Hi Danilo,

It was time to do something lol!

Now, I know why you did take so long to post the pictures Shocked

Absolutely amazing!!! Cool Cool

Take care,

Filipe Oliveira

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PostSubject: Re: Interzoo 2008, Nürnberg, pics & products   Sat May 31, 2008 10:45 pm

ottimo lavoro.
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PostSubject: Re: Interzoo 2008, Nürnberg, pics & products   Sat May 31, 2008 11:37 pm

wonderful pictures, thank you Danilo cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Interzoo 2008, Nürnberg, pics & products   

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Interzoo 2008, Nürnberg, pics & products
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