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PostSubject: ELOS OPEN DAY INTO THE FACTORY HOUSE   Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:56 pm


The FIRST ELOS OPEN DAY is been The 7th of june 2008, one meeting to aquarium forum writers coming from biggest italian forum www.acquaportal.it

The meeting organisation was begun at october 2007, as Elos wanted to do a very important and well organized meeting, focused on interesting and competent people, as Style and Ethics of italian company.

As many of you know, I collaborate with Elos to organise this meeting, but I must thanks all Elos Staff and Gandini Nicola to have let us this opportunity, and to have granted to us such an interesting possibility as many forum writer have commented on forum.

I’m sorry we haven’t a picture of everybody together, but we of Magna Romagna are very distinguish men… so the first pictures is for US!

From left to right:

Pino (aka Cris1261), Mirco (aka Mirco Buccarini), Mauro Meccenate, Roberto (aka Roby78), Maurizio (aka Zanna Bianca), Nicola Gandini patron Elos, Danilo (aka ***dani*** cioè io), Giorgio (aka Lumaz), Andrea (aka Andreanegu), Sandro (aka sjoplin).

Obviously not every men are of Magna Romagna, but we can accept Nicola as honour member of our small club.

The meeting was inside two locations, the first at Hotel Golf Paradiso **** of “Parc Hotels Italy” where we began with a relation about Elos, then we have a big lunch… (someone sayd that it was a very light one… but… 8 types of sweety cake… mmm), and finally another relation focused on aquarium light. After that we have moved to Elos Company, where Elos granted us some presents too… nice indeed :-))

As previous described on introduction the first part of meeting was inside the Hotel, in a conference centre, where Nicola has told us where name ELOS came from, in fact is an anagram of italian word SOLE (sun) read in reverse order, from right to left, and originated by his first illuminating system, the SUNCOLOR lighting system. Then Nicola has spoken about Elos products and equipments, until Elos shop named Aqua Studio, so he explained to us why the quality has this cost… quality, build construction and equipments care lead us to an high price.

After a big lunch…

Then we have heard one interesting relation about light. Most interesting thing was to see spectres of different type of light, HQi, T5 and led.

Watching spectres the worst one is the T5 light (and I’ve T5 on my tank :-( )… with different spectre from Sun, HQi and Led.

Then Nicola shown us a very interesting experience. He took a solar panel and we had measured the energy produced from 2×39T5 and E-lite… obviously the E-lite won by producing more energy.

Then we went to factory house.

We saw only the factory, nor the offices, nor the climatized room to stock the test kits… maybe for organisation and security problems.

Into the factory house we could watch all the news presented on Nurnberg, and the lighting system Sun Color, the E-power and so on.

And obviously calcium reactors, skimmers, a small NS100 into a small sump, and colorimeter and one panel with Biotopus II, and obviously his beautiful tanks.

A very good trip into one of most famous Italian Aquarium Company.

A very thanks to Nicola Gandini.

To see all the pictures (more than 60) click here:

Visita il mio sito - Visit my Home Page

Visita l'Elos Webring - Visit Elos Webring
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