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PostSubject: ELOS TERRA   Wed Jul 16, 2008 12:19 am

Dear Friends,

We are now starting introducing the ELOS products to the PORTUGUESE and SPANISH shops and we are already receiving some interesting comments to the products, the most interesting is the following:

A man bought ELOS BOTTOM MINERAL and ELOS TERRA SMALL for a 200 liters tank in the correct porportion and filled the tank with pipe water with KH10º GH8º pH8,5 and after 3 days he tested the water from the aquarium thinking to ajust the values with some kind of products named (PH down), but at the end he found he didn't need because all the values where correct and stabilized, now he has a correct PH6,8 i aked him to tell me the other values just to put on this post and in a few days i will put them here.

Anyway i already asked once Nicola why ELOS doesn't have a PH down and at the moment he told me, because he didn't felt need of it before. At the moment even with all his explaination i tought - ok i have to test the ELOS TERRA to see if it real does what Nicola says. But because before i never have seen a product like this i was a little ceptical i admit.

Now i can say to the clients why using ACIDS (like Sulfuric or Cloridric or any other)?, if you can just put the good bottom and see healthy plants and happy fishes?

Now i also understand why Filipe Oliveira says that before he meet ELOS products he was loosing time and money, because things where not having the good results.

Best Regards


Mário Sustelo
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