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 Elos Purist Line Guidelines

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A system to feed and improve the entire biomass by reducing nutrients

  • Improves the activity of the bacterial flora and biological structure.
  • Promotes coral growth and the increased production of bacterioplankton.
  • Allows for low nutrient and high water quality (low levels of PO4-NO3).
  • Stimulates the Natural Pigmentation of Corals

Elos Purist Line Guidelines Davanti6_314

Aware that in a natural marine biotope rich in corals the level of nutrients is always very low, we have realized this line of integrators. Aimed at feeding the entire biomass, from the bacteria to corals, it improves the biological stability of the entire tank.

With the Purist Line of integrators (in an aquarium managed with the Berlin method), you will obtain a water with an even lower level of nutrients. Rich of nourishing substances that will boost the coloration and improve the growth of even the most demanding invertebrates. A line of probiotic “foods” designed and tested to supply bio available energy to the entire biomass.

Elos Purist is a complete range of integrators based on the employment of enzymes, sporulates, and organic solutions that feed all the organisms in your aquarium including corals, thus facilitating the biological process of inorganic nutrient transformation. With the addition of our FiltraM media, made up of the highest quality zeolite that will improve the activity of substance reduction/transformation normally realized from your Berlin system.

To use this advanced method on your aquarium it is very important that you are conducting your aquarium by the Berlin Method based on:

(1) strong light
(2) high protein skimming
(3) live rock
(4) high water flow
(5) Proper calcium, carbonate, magnesium and salinity values.

It’s fundamental to do a water change weekly of 10% of the tank volume

Elos Purist Line Guidelines Monty_2_161

What shall we expects from its use?

Every Aquarium is uniquely regulated from natural rhythms that even the most advanced researcher is not able to completely define with precision. The results we have obtained from precise tests made on a heterogeneous group of aquariums managed with the Berlin method. Almost all, at different times (longer or shorter duration) have shown:

  • The formation of stable and different bacterial colonies
  • Reduction of the nutrients
  • Better quality of the water
  • Improved water clarity
  • Increased bacterioplankton
  • Better growth and an increased pigmentation of some species of SPS corals

After a period of regular use, corals (especially SPS) have shown positive effects with greatly improved polyp extension and more vivid, natural coloration.

What must be done?:

Equip the aquarium with an adequate skimmer, intense light, a good movement of water, high quality live rocks, regular water changes, use of activated carbon, and constantly monitor the values of NO3 and PO4. Be patient and follow with attention the population of your aquarium.

Why will you obtain results?

Because a better biological equilibrium will be achieved in your aquarium, based on the formation of a heterogeneous biomass that goes beyond the feeding of your corals to favor the reduction/transformation of its nutrients.

The effectiveness of the Purist method is founded on the removal of excess nutrients thanks to:

1. “Mechanical” removal by means of effective skimmers
2. “Oxidative” reduction thanks to employment of an effective lighting system (>1,5W/l)
3. “Chemical” prevention, thanks to filtering with active carbon and Zeolite
4. “Biological” transformation thanks to the empowerment of an opportunely activated biomass

How to grant that the results will last?

The Purist System is not an extemporaneous method, but a complete system of stimulation to the biological processes which require constant work and patience. Beyond the employment of these products, the hobbyist will need to dedicate to the aquarium a “360° regime”, following a normal protocol of integration (Calcium, Iodine, Strontium, Traces, Magnesium, Alkali, Amino acids etc.) adapted to the population.

What must not to be done:

  • Don’t force changes by the increase of dosages
  • Don’t use other compounds similar (or thought as such)
  • Don’t reduce the frequency of water changes (we advise the change of the 5-10% weekly)
  • Don’t overdose the products or other integrators

Elos Purist Line Guidelines IMG_4051

How many products to employ?

The method is based on 5 integrators plus the active carbon and the zeolite. Based on each type of aquarium, the owner will decide which to use.

What results are to be expect and in how much time?

This method will help in obtaining a water very low in nutrients while contributing to an optimal nutrition for the entire biomass, from microorganisms to corals. The biodiversity that will be achieved in an aquarium employing this method will became unique and irreplaceable. The system in general will appear more stable, much closer to the dynamic equilibrium typical of natural ecosystems. However each aquarium will need its own timing to show the desired results. As with all aquaria patience is key. Otherwise you could risk losing the more delicate animals. In some cases we have seen evident results in a few days or weeks, in other we have needed nearly 8/12 months of constant use WITHOUT INCREASING THE DOSAGE.

The increase of the dosages can speed-up the process but is ABSOLUTELY NOT suggested.

The range is based on:

FiltraM (zeolite)
Elos Purist Line Guidelines CFILTRAM
Molecular sieve to maintain a low level of ammonia. The highest quality zeolite, very high in clinoptilotite content. It can be used in any filter, or inside of an appropriate reactor (REA120/120plus). To control ammonia levels.

Elos Purist Line Guidelines Bb85c2b5ae2766d6bbdfa4fc30155bde
Nourishing solution for aerobic bacteria. An indispensable primary nourishing source selected from natural raw materials. Formulated in order to supply amino acids and vitamins in a highly bio-available form to CORALS as well as all the biomass (mainly dedicated to autotrophic life).

Elos Purist Line Guidelines B9a1e53422fb3df4c23878b20f9f71b3
Selective accelerator of aerobic bacteria. A mixture of microbiotic stocks aimed at establishing an adequate aerobic bacterial colony, fundamental in promoting the process of biological decomposition inside the marine aquarium. Its employment favors the normal metabolic processes of the aquarium.

Elos Purist Line Guidelines 9265f4f2b47efaf52e0cbddc1e425556
Balanced pool of enzymes, organic and inorganic nourishing substances. A nourishing enzymatic Complex for all the biomass. It avoids the mono-bacteria cultures, strengthens the already available bacteria, accelerates their reproduction, feeds all the biomass including the corals and helps in the reduction of nutrients (NO3 and PO4).

Elos Purist Line Guidelines 86b61f4909eb0c880a949dece01cc68a
Enzymatic accelerator for the development anaerobic bacteria. A mixed powder of microorganism and enzymes. Fast acting in the microbial pre-digestion, break down and digestion of polluting organic substances and inorganic substances.

Elos Purist Line Guidelines 7c964d69b5cdd425600fd1973a323df0
Nourishing solution for anaerobic bacteria. A natural biological activator studied in order to start and to maintain an optimal process of de-nitrification. It takes part directly in the reduction of nutrients (NO3 and PO4). Helps in increasing the production of the bacterioplankton.

Elos Purist Line Guidelines Dosagechart

Elos Purist Line Guidelines IMG_4047

2) Maintenance of aquarium based on purist line and with low levels of nutrients (NO3 and PO4)

In the main cases it will be enough to use only Rb20, with daily dosage of 2 drops for 100 litres (26 U.S. Gallons) and Rb30, with daily dosage of 1 measuring spoon every 100 litres (26 U.S. Gallons).

Important: If you’re measuring high levels of NO3 and PO4, and not temporarily one, you need to use Rb40 with low dosage of 1 measuring spoon every 400 litres (104 U.S. Gallons) and Rb50 with same dosage of 1 ml every 400 litres (104 U.S. Gallons) every day. Increasing it by 1 ml every week until daily administration of 3 ml every 400 litres (104 U.S. Gallons). Continue until optimum values are reached.

You need to put FiltraM into filter with a flow rate between 300 to 500 litres per hour (79 to 132 U.S. Gallons per hour).
You must use at the beginning, 200 ml every 100 litres (26 U.S. gallons). Increasing slowly every three days until maximum of 500 ml every 200 litres (52 U.S. gallons), but watching the animals that haven’t loose colors too fast.

3) Estabished aquarium with high nutrient levels (NO3 > 5.0 and PO4 > 0,20 ) with no usage of Purist Line and similar methods

At the beginning, one has to use only Rb30 with a low dosage of 1 measuring spoon every 100 litres (26 U.S. gallons). Then it is increased until usage of 1 measuring spoon every 25 litres (6,5 U.S. gallons) in about 15 days.

If nutrients values don’t decrease in the 4/6 following weeks (NO3 and PO4), one has to also use Rb40 (1 measuring spoon for 50 litres, 13 U.S. gallons, weekly) and RB50 (1 ml for 200 litres, 53 U.S. gallons daily), and incrementing weekly by 1 ml for 200 litres (53 U.S. gallons) until maximum of 3ml for 200 litres (53 U.S. gallons).

You need to put FiltraM in half quantity for the first two weeks, with flow rate from 300 and 500 litres for hour (79 to 132 U.S. Gallons for hour).

4) For old aquarium with very low water values (NO3 and PO4) without using Purist Line and similar methods

At the beginning one must use 0.5 ml of Rb10 for each 300 litres (79 U.S. gallons) every 5 days and increasing slowly until reaching, after four weeks, a normal daily rating. Also one has to use Rb20 in 2 drops dosage every 100 litres (26 U.S. gallons) daily, and 0.5 ml of Rb50 each 300 litres (79 U.S. gallons) every 2 days, increasing slowly until reaching normal daily rating in four weeks.

It's possible to use only Rb30 instead of Rb10 and Rb50 if the values remain constant, the beginning dosage is of one measuring spoon each 300 liters (79 U.S. gallons) every 3 days until reaching, after four weeks, normal daily rating of one measuring spoon each 300 liters (79 U.S. gallons).

The FiltraM has to be inserted in one filter with flow rate of about 300-500 litres per hour (79 to 132 U.S. Gallons per hour) and in dosage about 200 ml for 500 litres (132 U.S. gallons) increasing slowly weekly with 50 ml every 200 litres (53 U.S. gallons) until maximum of 500 ml every 300 litres (79 U.S. gallons), but watching the animals that haven’t loose colors too fast.

5) Aquariums with Deep Sand Bed, Refugium or similar characteristics

Normally the Purist Line has to be used with no reducing zone.

For example:

  • Reducing filters
  • DSB (Deep Sand Bed) with more of 3-4 cm
  • Refugium

But if you wish to use it, we have tested it in similar conditions and recommend using only Rb30 with one measuring spoon every 300 litres (79 U.S. gallons).

After almost four weeks it will be possible to increase dosage slowly until normal daily rate, and using also 1 ml of Rb50 every 1000 litres (260 U.S. gallons).

We recommend adapting the products administration to your aquariums reaction. It may be difficult to find the right dosage with such aquariums because it will be possible to have a very unstable situation of nutrients.

So the right dosage is up to the aquarium keepers sensibility. We recommend to monitor often the water values and to pay attention to aquarium itself.


If you notice a rapid change in colors (lighter or darker), it is important to suspend dosing and analyze the last operations you performed.

Quickly darker colors: Suspend Rb10 or if you have used food products in great quantities it’s normal and you haven’t to do any change.

Bleaching (loosing zooxanthellae): You need to slow FiltraM flow rate (or suspend FiltraM filtration) and suspend RB50 and RB30. If you haven’t changed lights or Active Carbon or you’ve used other products.

As main rule you have to deeply analyze every situation before changing dosage.

We don’t recommend to use the Purist Line if you have nutrients values NO3 < 3 mg/lt PO4 < 0.01 mg/lt or to use it in low dosage.

If you notice RTN over your SPS, it is possibly due to the sudden changing of water chemistry or environment. So we recommend to use these products with patience and very slowly.


Rb10 – food for flora and corals
Rb20 – Bacteria that eat Rb10 and organic material. They are bacteria for reducing Nitrites to Nitrates.
Rb30 – Food for all bacteria and for corals by nitrogen, phosphorus and carbon.
Rb40 – Bacteria that eat carbon and breath using nitrites instead of oxygen thus reducing nitrates.
Rb50 – Food based on carbon for every biomass and eterothop bacteria.

It’s important to note that when using food like Rb10, Rb30 and Rb50 we need to decrease other food administration to avoid increasing nutrients.

Also by utilizing only Rb30, FiltraM and Active Carbon will lead you, with patience, to great results for color, growth and great water value stability.

It’s very important to maintain the right chemical parameters of your reef aquarium, Ca, Mg, KH and salinity, and we recommend to monitor also Nitrites (NO2) and ammonium (NH4) together with NO3 and PO4.

You can download this guideline here: http://www.elos.eu/pdf/elos_purist_eng.pdf

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Elos Purist Line Guidelines
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